CBC (Germany) GmbH, a member of the CBC Group, one of the leading manufacturers of video surveillance systems, has had a successful business for 23 years.

CBC is an international trading company that was created by Mr. Utaro Doij in Tokyo, Japan in 1925.

Our Japanese home in Tokyo is constantly dedicated to the study, development and manufacture of state-of-the-art video surveillance products. In the area of ??camera and lens technology in particular, many innovations have been successfully launched on the market. The objectives we have been producing for 30 years, are developed and manufactured in our overseas factory. A turnover of 2 billion euros underlines our leading position in the market.

The portfolio of CBC (Germany) GmbH is divided into three business segments:
1. CCTV (CCTV installations)
2. Chemistry (chemicals, plastics, medicine)
3. Toli (fabrics and floor coverings)

In addition to chemistry, medicine and floor coverings, video surveillance technology is the most important sector of the German subsidiary.

CBC (Germany) GmbH started its activities in 1986 with the chemicals and CCTV sectors, followed by the medical field in 2001 and the Toli service in 2003.

CBC, headquartered in Düsseldorf, is a commercial enterprise that provides manufacturing.

For more than 20 years, thanks to its experience and a competent team of 50 employees, CBC (Germany) GmbH is a reliable partner. We offer our customers reliability, continuity, unique value for money, fast delivery and excellent after-sales service. The importance of product information and continuous training of our technicians, sales agents and our customers is of fundamental importance to us.

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