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Frontier Pitts Ltd. PAS 68 Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) Anti Terra Range. The portfolio includes the * Compact Terra Barrier (3.5t @ 30mph [50km/h]) * Terra Ultimate Barrier (7.5t @ 50mph [80km/h]) * Terra Sliding Cantilevered Gate (7.5t @ 50mph [80km/h]) * Terra V Gate (7.5t @ 50mph [80km/h]) * Terra Surface Mount Blocker (7.5t @ 50mph [80km/h]) * Terra Shallow Blocker (7.5t @ 50mph [80km/h]) * Terra Blocker (7.5t @ 30mph [50km/h] & 50mph [80km/h]) which have all been successfully impact tested to the latest BSi PAS 68:2010 specification. These products are also PSSA Verified accredited. Also available: * Terra Swing Gate (7.5t @ 50mph [80km/h]) * Terra Hinged Gate (7.5t @ 50mph) * Rising Terra Bollards (7.5t @ 50mph [80km/h]) and the Planet Range of Static Bollards: * Terra Jupiter Bollards (7.5t @ 50mph [80km/h]) * Terra Venus Bollards (7.5t @ 30mph [50km/h]) * Terra Neptune Bollards (7.5t @ 40mph [65km/h]) * Terra Mars Bollards (7.5t @ 40mph [65km/h]). Shallow and Removable Static Bollard options available. The LPS 1175 Terra Diamond Turnstile which is approved for Government Use. Please contact CPNI for details. Learn more at: Have a question about our products? Contact us:

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