Moldex M-Series Earmuffs


Thursday, June 29, 2017Description :
Moldex Earmuffs are extremely comfortable and are made to resist even the most extreme conditions. A focus on design makes our Ear Muffs not only easy to use but they look great. Ear Defenders are ideal to protect from intermittent noise or for people who cannot achieve a safe and comfortable fit with Earplugs. Aside from the protection level it's often an individuals choice whether they prefer wearing Earmuffs or Plugs. The new M-Series: M4, M5 and M6 The new M-Series Earmuffs do not only have an appealing and stylish look, but the high quality materials and a seamless workmanship make these ear muffs robust and durable. Extremely soft Foam Air-Cushions as well as low contact pressure ensure high wearer comfort.

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